Planetary Ring Systems: Author Information

Index: We are required by the publisher to provide an index for the book. We can make this task much easier if we proactively mark potentially index-worthy terms during the writing process. Please do this in your LaTeX source files by using the \index tag, as described in cplslargeguide.pdf . See also these guides for indexing in MSWord and indexing in LaTeX.

Glossary: The 1984 Planetary Rings book had a glossary in the back, and we should do the same. Please include with your chapter draft a page including your suggested additions to the glossary. To avoid duplication, there is no need to draft definitions at this time; we’ll do that later.

Permissions: All text and all figures and all other content must be either 1) free of copyright restrictions or 2) used with permission. The editors are legally responsible for certifying this, so please help us out and police your own chapter for copyright issues. Your help with securing permissions for copyrighted material in your chapter will be greatly appreciated by the editors. Before publication, every chapter will need to have a checklist describing the copyright status of every figure in the manuscript. For more information, click here.

Mathematical Notation Standard: To make things easier for the reader, we would like to have a single standard for mathematical notation. For those of you using mathematical notation in your chapters, 1) for variables already in this table, please either conform your usage to the table or communicate with the editors to suggest changes to the standard, and 2) for variables not yet in this table, please send your additions to me.
The table is given here in PDF format (for easy reading) and in TEX format (so that you can use the same LaTeX coding for each variable).

Color Figures: The vast majority of figures in the book will be black-and-white. If you feel that one or more of the figures in your chapter must be in color, please make a note of that in an accompanying note to the editors when you submit your chapter manuscript. If selected by the editors, the chapter will contain a black-and-white version of the figure with a note referring readers to the color version appearing in the "color plates" section at the back of the book. Because the publisher is allowing us a limited number of number of pages in the "color plates" section, the editors may not be able to accommodate all author requests for color figures.

Figures: For other details from the publisher regarding resolutions and file types and the like, click here.

Multimedia: We encourage you to consider including movies, sound files, or other multi-media files as part of your chapter. Rings are dynamic, and we would love to communicate as much of that dynamism to our readers as possible. If you do, the published chapter will direct the reader to the CUP website, where the multimedia files will be freely available.

LaTeX Templates: The package can be downloaded here.